Professional R&D Tax Software for Professional Advisors

Arriving Jan 2021

Why prepare claims using cloud software?

Historically, R&D Tax Credit claims have been prepared by professional advisors using general-purpose tools such as spreadsheets and word processors. Such tools ensure flexibility so that claims can be tailored to the precise needs of each client, enabling advisors to provide deliverables adhering to their distinctive quality standards.

Despite clear differences between client claims, there are also many commonalities. The creation of technology that could make the most of these commonalities, but which would still be able to cope with the client induced differences has been elusive. provides such a fully auditable foundation, ensuring quality, efficiency, and consistency. Sophisticated workflows that are automatically tailored to each client, allows you, the advisors, to focus your time on the true value-add for each client.


More information coming soon!

A full listing of the day-0 software features will be provided ahead of launch, but it will be limited to the UK tax-paying companies.

The technology is feature-rich and capable of supporting the requirements of the largest and most complex clients.


More information coming soon! is a specialist tool available to R&D Tax Advisors. Pricing will be open and transparent and will be available ahead of our release in Jan 2021.

Background was founded by Dale Southall, a computer scientist with extensive experience leading the development of high-throughput low-latency trading technology.

In 2017, after spending four years delivering claims for key software clients at Deloitte, Dale designed an innovative software platform for simplifying the delivery of UK R&D Tax Credit Claims. Before going live, the technology attracted much attention, and the IP was sold to one of the big-4 professional service firms (not Deloitte). was born to provide a solution that can scale to any claim, regardless of size, complexity, or geography.


Ahead of our launch, we will be providing demonstrations of the capabilities offered.

Please get in touch with Dale through LinkedIn. to find out when demonstrations will commence and arrange yours.
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